About The Bank of England

The Bank of England

The Bank of England is a UK-government-owned organisation that debases the currency of the people of the United Kingdom so that borrowers, especially the UK government, do not have to pay back the money they owe in real terms, instead making the average UK worker pay it back through a higher cost of living.

Although the Bank of England claims to be promoting the good of the people of the United Kingdom by maintaining monetary and financial stability, it is clear from its past and recent history, and the subjecting of the people of the United Kingdom to over a decade of financial repression, that this is not its objective.

Malevolent operator

The Bank of England tries to present itself as a benevolent operator, when in fact it is a malevolent one whose objective is to redistribute wealth from the poorest in society to the wealthiest through currency debasement and the consequent purchasing power confiscation and asset price inflation. It is an engine of poverty, inequality and division and not a force for good.

Dishonest or deluded

In a speech in 2018, Andy Haldane, who has since left the bank, claimed the Bank of England had made households better of by £90,000 since the financial crisis. This just shows the level of dishonesty or delusion at the bank. Debasing the currency and counterfeiting do not create wealth. It makes things like houses more expensive, but that is not wealth creation. You are not better off because you have a debased currency. In fact, most people are worse off because of the Bank of England.